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Yes, I can No, I cann't

The picture has two people. The woman is mother, she hand a book, staring at the other people. Then the other one is Xiao Ming. And he looks at his mother with a blank face. His mother said: I am on the book diet. Whenever I ne...

this is picture of a woman 这是一个女人的照片 望采纳,谢谢 还有作文

there is a woman in the picture

S: Hello ,may I help you? Beautiful lady. C:Yes, I want to buy some fruits. Could you introduce the price of some fruits for me? S: My pleasure, I recommend you to buy some cucumber. The cucumber are fresh and cheap . As you kn...


第一空 a第二空 an第三空 the表示泛指用a/an,元音读音钱用an,辅音和半元音前用a特指用the希望能够帮助到你,望采纳O(∩_∩)O~

Sorry I do not have. Maybe I can turn to others.

D 试题分析:句意:在这张照片中我们大家都能看到一些…。哪一个是不对的?some 后可修饰可数或不可数名词。women 是woman 的复数形式,意为:女人们。sheep 绵羊,单复数同形;children 是child 的复数形式,孩子们;bread 面包,它是一个不可数...

小题1:B小题2:D小题3:B小题4:C小题5:D 试题分析:本文通过一张照片讲述了李先生一家人的情况。小题1:通过阅读可知,他们家有四口人,分别是李先生,李夫人,李磊和李明。所以本题选B。小题2:根据Li Lei and Li Ming are in the same school, bu...


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