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I suggest with your mother

1.My best friend My best friend is very beautiful.She has long staight hair.She is tall and thin.She doesn't like others girl.She likes wearing jeans best.I never look her wearing dresses and high-heeled shoes.We know when we i...

约定俗成的,没有为什么。 就像 practice makes perfect一样。

dog's breakfast 的意思是:一团糟,,不是狗的早餐 搞得一团糟


You helped to make it possible for me to have Lucky.有了你的帮助,我才有可能拥有“幸运儿”。Lucky makes a big difference to my life.Let me tell ...

因为"dog" 是单数, 一定要" makes" 或 过去式 "made" ! [1]“having a dog myself me feel even more for Justin and... [2] Such sad death me cry [3] He is now somewhere not in pain and that me happy for him. [4] Dogs 复数 you somebody...


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