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有能力做某事 1.ability [英][əˈbɪləti][美][əˈbɪlɪti] n. 能力,资格; 能耐,才能 The public never had faith in his ability to handle the job. 公众从来不相信他有能力胜任这一职位。 2.have the ...

第一个是特指,这个能力指的是前文出现过的能力。特指能力。有耐心做。或者有体力做等 第二个是泛指,指能把这个事情做好,没有强调能力。

基本上是用介词to的:have the ability to do sth. 也可以用be able to do sth.

have the ability of 有能力的 例:Most bearing flat-steel can be made into serrated steel grating. This make the grating have the ability of non-slip. If the user needs serrated grating, please specify as ordering. 绝大多数受荷...

have the ability of doing 有这样的表达如:He had the ability of independently thinking and solving problem.



没有任何问题 have the ability of doing something 具有做某件事情的能力

这个吗? Do you have the ability to live cheaply? Now here's a true story of an American girl,Sarah. 21 Sarah left university,she began to live in New York City on her own.She 22 a job in a publishing house,but the salary(...

It is no doubt that you have the ability to do the work. It is doubtless of your ability to do the work. doubtless : [形容词] : 肯定的 ; 无疑的


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