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1、连接词“for fear that”可以用来引导虚拟语气。 其形式通常为:“for fear that +主语+ should +动词原形”。 2、句中的should可以省去: 例题一:I will not make a noise for fear that I (should) disturb you. 我不会做声的,以免打扰你。 ...

【fear用法】 1)fear作动词用,其后一般接不定式或动名词或者that从句,如fear to offend her或者fear offending her或者I fearthat I may offend her; 2)普遍日常用语中,用be afraid比fear更常见,而fear后加lest从句更加不常见。 We were ...

for fear that 英[fɔ: fiə ðæt] 美[fɔr fɪr ðæt] [词典] 生怕; 惟恐; 唯恐,害怕; 生恐; [例句]He worked hard for fear that he might be fired by the boss. 他拼命地干活惟恐被老板解雇。


是的。这三种用法 引导目的状语从句 常用虚拟语气 should可以省略 即lest sb (should )do sth for fear that sb (should )do sth. in case sb (should) do sth.

i also fear that people like me on the way to love others我也担心,像我这样的人去爱别人

不是,for fear that 后面用should do 不表示虚拟,表示情绪;for fear that 后面也可以不用情态动词,表示事实。 They burned all the important documents for fear that they fall into the enemy's hands. (目的状语从句)他们将所有的重要...

for fear that 是指以防万一,从句中的内容是不想出现的内容,而in case that 只是在某种情况下,没有感情色彩

i fear that i would have been 我怕我会一直 例句: 1. What fun would that have been? 那又有什么乐趣呢?

fear [fiə] n. 害怕, 恐惧 He couldn't move for fear. 他害怕得动弹不得。 可能性 There is no fear of that happening. 那事绝不可能发生。 vt. 畏惧, 害怕, 担心 He did not fear to die. 他不怕死。 vi. 害怕, 忧虑 Never fear—I will ...


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