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1,A gang taunted a disabled man. 一伙小混混嘲笑一位残疾人。 2,Care for the elderly and the disabled 对老人和残疾人的照顾 3,It is our bounden duty to help the disabled. 帮助残疾人是我们义不容辞的责任。

disabled 英 [dɪsˈeɪbld] 美 [dɪsˈebəld] adj.残废的,有缺陷的 v.使无能力( disable的过去式和过去分词);使残废;使伤残;使无效 The gym can be used by both able-bodied and disabled people. Some local autho...

He was disabled from walking by the accident. 由于车祸,他不能走路了。 Employers are being encouraged to hire disabled workers. 雇主受鼓励雇用残废的工人。 Now that he was disabled, his house had become a prison to him. 因为他残...

disable[dis'eibl]vt. 1.使失去能力[(+from)] 2. 使伤残[H] He was disabled in the accident. 他在那次事故中成了残废。 3. 【律】使无资格[(+from)] He is disabled from voting. 他失去了选举资

disable He is disabled from voting. 他失去了选举资格。 seek We will never seek hegemony. 我们永远也不称霸。 misunderstand This book is open to misunderstanding. 这本书容易引起误解。 observe Mother observed that it had suddenly ...


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