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AwArEnEss CAmpAigns什么意思

awareness本身是察觉 注意到的意思 campaigns一般是运动 竞赛 活动的意思 让人察觉到什么东西的活动 可以理解成宣传运动(活动)吧

awareness programme 宣传方案 双语例句 1 China Environmental Awareness Programme ( CEAP) Selected itsLogos and Slogans 中国环境意识项目确定主题口号和标志

可以替换,例如 。。。 the awareness of the public. 也可以说,enhance the public awareness. public不加s

I have found that the pollution in our city is more and more serious, endangering the health of all the city residents. The pollution is ...


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