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All that she wants 她只想要 She leads a lonely life 她离群索居 She leads a lonely life 她离群索居 When she woke up late in the morning 她早上很晚醒来 Light and the day had just begun 她的一天刚刚开始 She opened up her eyes and ...


A.so lovely a 她是个如此可爱的女孩儿,我们都很喜欢她。 只有A符合句意。so……that……如此……以至于……

What she wants is a new bike. / She wants a new bike.

so good so形a/an名 such+a/an+形+名

Ace Of Base - All that She Wants 滚动歌词 All that She Wants She leeds a lonely life - she leeds a lonely life[00:30.00 and the day has just begun she opened her eyes and thought o' what a morning it's not a day for work it's a...

区别so和such表示的不同之处 such是形容词,直接修饰名词,所以可以是such a good teacher so是副词,修饰的是形容词或副词,所以是so good a teacher 看选项,B对

[T.I] Now I don’t really care what you call me 我不理会你们怎样议论我 just as long as you dont call me rude 只要你们不认为我粗鲁无礼就好 I bet they knew as soon as they saw me 我打赌他们跟我有一面之缘的时候就早已察觉 “Goodnight...

so good

选A。。D她是一个很好的老师,学生们都喜欢她(A、such a good??) SO GOOD AN..


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