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最近发现了一个很奇怪的现象 A strange phenomenon has been discovered recently. 最近发现了一个很奇怪的现象 A strange phenomenon has been discovered recently.

Recently discovered a strange phenomenon

payphone——maroon 5

1、Why does this happen? 2、How could this be? 3、How can it be? 4、how did we come to this? 为什么:why; why is it that; how is it that; forwhy; whereto 出现:appear; appearance; arise; emerge; grow 现象:phenomenon; appearanc...

没有固定的说法: for this phenomenon with regard to this phenomenon. American academics have even invented aterm for this phenomenon, “summer learning loss”. 对于这种现象,美国教学界甚至还专门发明了一个术语---“夏季课程遗忘症”。...

“现象”英语:Phenomenon、appearance 1 日[月]蚀是一个有趣的现象。 An eclipse is an interesting phenomenon. 《汉英大词典》 2 这种行为上的倒退现象在男孩中更加普遍。 This regressive behaviour is more common in boys. 《柯林斯高阶英汉...

aiming at the phenomenon: aim at 指向,即目标是... in view of the phenomenon:in view of 鉴于,针对 希望对你有所帮助!

一种奇怪的社会现象出现在人们的日常生活中 A strange social phenomena appeared in the People's Daily lives


There are many reasons for this situation


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