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strange [英][streɪndʒ] [美][strendʒ] adj.陌生的,生疏的;奇怪的,古怪的;疏远的;外国的 adv.奇怪地;陌生地;冷淡地 It was so strange to see a policeman lying down, without his helmet... 看到一位警察没戴头盔躺着很...

1 why do you feel strange? I'm curious,i wonder that... 2 why are you feeling afraid ? why are you scared ? what are you afraid of ?

分以下情况:(1)让我感到惊奇的是,我打赌赢了。to my surprise,I won the bet .(2)he was late for school ,which made his teacher surprise 他上学迟到这件事使他的老师感到惊奇。(3)the dog surprised me at that time ,当时那个狗使...

真奇怪 So strange!

Very strange

strange odd


英语是:Be surprised at sb。 例句: RITA: Why are you surprised at me? 丽塔:为什么你对我感到惊讶? The next day, she was still sitting on the sidelines, looked at him, I went over to herlaugh, Zhang took a note to her, she was...

I feel you are so strange


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