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描述太模糊了,只能知道这两首有点类似。 I'd like you to love me-LoBo Love me-Justin Bieber 另外提到节奏感强,可以推荐几首歌。都很好听,可以单曲循环。 Maybe- Jaz-Z All the right moves-OneReblic Locked out of heaven-Bruno Mars Nob...

(lemon tree)、(you are my sunshine)、(baby)、(big big word).......

David Guetta/Justin Bieber - 2U

快点儿啊,我等的花儿都谢了!( •̀∀•́ )

我猜是Tragedie的Hey oh 或者Britney Spears - Till The World Ends 如不是欢迎追问

Adele - Someone Like You Adele - Rolling In the Deep

你说的是Smile Dami Im 今天飞机上听到这首歌

会不会是down down? Destiny's Child - Jumpin' Jumpin' ? Lady GaGa - Judas? 这两首歌里面有down down

Britt Nicole - Hanging On You see my anxious heart You see what I am feeling And when I fall apart You are there to hold me How great Your love for me Now I see what You’re thinking You say I’m beautiful Your voice is my healin...



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