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您好:好多呢~~~本人学英语的推荐这些吧希望你能喜欢。 1、Bubbly--Colbie Caillat(你听过一遍就会非常喜欢的歌); 2、Burning--Maria Arredondo; 3、Happy--丽安娜 刘易斯; 4、Cry On My Shoulder--出自德国选秀节目(很早的一首,非常好听...

这个歌手的名字叫做Shania Twain,歌名为《I‘m Gonna Getcha Good!》 歌词为: I’m gonna getcha good 命中注定 Lets go 让我们出发, Don’t wantcha for the weekend, 不想只做你的周末情人, Don’t wantcha for a night 也不想玩一夜情, I’m ...


你好 你说的应该是lene marlin的《A place nearby》 在线http://music.baidu.com/song/s/200731ba6c7085599e662 希望能够帮到你

liked my new job in London. I tried to respond

jewel -stay here forever是在花店拍的 希望采纳

歌曲名:Betcha Gon Know歌手:Mariah Carey 专辑:Memoirs Mariah Carey - Betcha Gon Know Oh welcome to a day of my life The memoirs of an imperfect angel Oh welcome to a day of my life The memoirs of an imperfect angel Though the...

Album by: Deadwing Artist by: Porcupine Tree As the cheerless towns pass my window I can see a washed out moon through the fog And then a voice inside my head breaks the analogue And says "Follow me down to the valley below Yo...

in the name of love

应该是Only Teardrops~ “How many times can we win and lose?How many times can we break the rules between us?Only Teardrops” 是这首吗


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